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About us

Our company was born over a passion to help businesses create meaningful content for Sales & Marketing, Education, Trade, etc. Founders of A2Dtech come with diverse experiences from Publishing to Technology Outsourcing helping Financial, Healthcare, and Retail clients.

We aim to ensure high satisfaction to our clients by allowing for transparency, as well as ensuring complete control over the entire workflow to help with the following:

  • Meet diverse requirements for print and online publishing

  • Easy and efficient management of in-flow activities to mitigate language and location challenges.

  • Standard as well as customized services to have the right content.

  • Fast and cost-efficient gamut of publishing services

A2D has a skilled team of designers, editors, proofreaders, linguists who have been delivering the right content, for over 10+ years. We’ve garnered 100+ business clients, with a high client satisfaction rate. Our continually evolving company is supported by 24/7 consistent customer support, for our clients. 

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To deliver innovative DTP services enabling client’s business growth by leveraging our unique set of people, proprietary processes and modern technology.

Our aim is to be a dynamic & trusted partner for clients and our employees. We believe our existence will be a true value add to the publishing business.


Focus on delivering best in class services while being agile and flexible to exceed client expectations. This motto rides us to head ahead and become a go-to destination for publishing services.



Firstly, Create an environment of transparency and trust for value-centric partnership.

Secondly, culture to innovate and adapt to client needs.

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