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Typesetting and Layout

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typesetting and composition services

Typesetting & Composition

Typesetting & Composition is core to our desktop publishing service offering, and it’s a necessity when translating content into new languages that demand the use of appropriate fonts and foreign alphabets. This is where our expertise in book typesetting and typography comes into play.


Texts expand during translation, and specific fonts do not always share universal characteristics that make them suitable for foreign languages. For that reason, typesetting services are used to make sure that the visual representation of your content and the use of fonts is correct across multiple languages.

Following are a few key items from our checklist to ensure the right output:

  • Keep punctuation and layout consistent across all language versions,

  • Find and correct all corrupted characters/fonts,

  • Layer all requested revisions

  • Rectify all unauthorized departures from your source files,

  • Notify in case of irregularities and errors in the translated content.

We specialize in the following platforms:

typesetting and composition services
Creative graphic design services

Creative Layout

A2D team consists of creative graphic designers and experienced editors who are responsible to create unique, compelling, and visually evoking layouts structured with customized and fascinating illustrations. A well-illustrated cover page reflects high-quality content and makes the Magazines/Books stand out.

We help our clients develop document templates that are consistent in their layout and easily adaptable to new languages. With an individualized template, you will be able to preserve your document’s look and feel and maintain your brand identity no matter irrespective of the target language.

If you already have a source language template or have very specific formatting needs, we will be able to adapt the layout or edit your existing template to better support your style and typesetting requirements when creating different language versions of your documents.

Creative Layout

PDF to Word/InDesign

The work involved with Text Extraction normally falls under one of two categories, conversion or extraction. Here are some common examples of each:


1. Conversion: Converting PDF into InDesign/Microsoft Word files with editable text. Making the text in rasterized images editable. Converting QuarkXPress files into InDesign

2. Extraction: Extracting text from Adobe Illustrator (.ai) files Text extraction from layers (InDesign, AutoCAD, etc.) Optical character recognition (OCR) OCR is the process of converting electronic text into an editable format. It is frequently used in the translation world. Without it, we are unable to provide accurate analyses and, in turn, cost estimates.


OCR conversions look great visually. However, if you scratch the surface you will see formatting that no human would ever have implemented. This can seriously affect the translation process, lengthen your translation lead time and increase the overall cost of your translation project.


Our in-house engineers fix this content, optimizing your files to increase Translation Memory (TM) leverage and speeding up your time-to-market.


In short, Preparation of content for processing in TMS tools by language experts.

  • Extracting text from images or desktop publishing software

  • Removing unnecessary line breaks and space characters

  • Tidying up PDF files after optical character recognition (OCR) processing

  • Filtering irrelevant content in Excel files

  • The creation of tag settings (.ini) files for .xml and other similar file types

PDF to Word
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